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Henry Chatata – Malawi
Blessings Chikopa – Malawi
Thandie Chikunfenji – Malawi
Dr. Gardiner Gentry – Malawi
Chris Gome – Malawi
Navigator Gome – Malawi
 Rackson Kaiwe – Malawi
Pastor Sydrek - Malawi
Pastor Thoms – Malawi ( Our Sister Church)
Greg Wagoner – Tanzania
The Blessing House – Malawi
Good Samaritan Children’s Home – Malawi
National Pastors (35) – Malawi
Ben Alpert – Chosen People Ministries
Manuel Ambrocio – Philippines
Salvador Ambrocio – Philippines
Solomon Ambrocio, Sr. – Philippines
Justus Banuel – India
Emile Barrouk – Israel
Bobby Batoto – Philippines
Ralph Boatwright – Philippines
Procy Cacal – Philippines
Dave Carter – Japan
Steve Carter – Japan
Peter Denisi – Philippines
Ace Draper – Papua New Guinea
Rick Fannin – Philippines
Sue Hahn – Japan
Atif Himadeh – Israel
Tom Jeran – Jewish End Time Ministries
Ron Jones – India
Tom Kane – India/Burma
Ronnie Ladrillo – Philippines
Zola Levitt – Israel
Tim Moriarity – Cambodia
Matthew Patenaude – Mongolia
K.A. Paul – Gospel To The Unreached Millions
Al Reichman – Chosen People Ministries
Rudy Rico – Philippines
Josh Florence - Papua New Guinea
Tony Sutton – Papua New Guinea
Terry Thrun – Papua New Guinea
 Ethel Wilson – Japan
Mark Calloug - Philippines
Emanuel Yarbrough - Thailand
Philip Gaddes
Adam Gibbs
John Hall
Jim Bianchi - Europe
Don Bright –
Dan Canavan – Ireland
Adam Crabtree – Greece
Arvin Devers IIIScotland
Grant Forbes – Great Britain
David Gross – Moldova
Jack Moorman – London
Jerry Mullendore – Europe
John O’Brien – Ukraine
Ron Peedin – Lithuania
Keith Price – Romania
Paul Stetson – France
Don Thatcher – Ireland
North America
Monthir Abdullatif – Muslim Ministry (Detroit)
James Adams - The Witness Project
Joe Adams/Lee Watts – KY State Government
Jerry Barker – Rock Of Ages Prison Ministry
Dick Bowers – Eastern KY
Yvonne Brown – Rock Of Ages Prison Ministry
Don Carney – Mexico
Herschel Case – Biblical School of Evangelism
Cynthia Castillo – Mexico
Coral Ridge Ministries
Thomas Corbello – Panama
Shawn Creamer – Cuba
Will Dassow – Missionary Relief
Joe Demerest – Amazing Grace Missions
Michael Doering – Cuba
Rick Dove, Jr. – Costa Rica
Gary Edmunds – Appalachian Outreach
Mark Gage – C.L.A.I.M.
Matthew Gerard - New Church Planter (West)
Bill Green – Deaf Ministry in Mexico
Richard Greene – New Church Planter (West)
Brian Heath – Rock Of Ages Prison Ministry
Alan Jackson – Honduras
Jerry Jackson - Edmonton/Alberta Canada
Bob Larson – Reseeding America
Mark Logan –National Pastor Training
Toru Marshall – National Outreach Worldwide
N.O.W. - 5 National Pastors
Shawn McGuire – Mexico
Jim Menkhoff – Bearing Precious Seed Printing
Lynn Munson – Appalachian Outreach
Bob Patterson – Cuba
David Ralston – Bahamas
Jay Sekulow – American Center for Law & Justice
Dr. Frank Simon – American Family Association
David Snyder – Reseeding America (Far North)
Paula Van Netta – Puerto Rico
Tim Welcher – AWANA Clubs
Rick Zakrejsek – Fairs/Street Preaching
Don Campbell - Amazing Grace Missions
David Townsley - Church Planting
Earl Yates - Mexico
South America
Peter Ard – Argentina
Bethany Thompson – Brazil
David Wise - Paraguay
Coco Chan - Trinidad & Tobago
Wes Bartley - Saint Lucia